Ian Wilson Speaker Interview

Ian WilsonIan started off his career by swearing off web design entirely. This lasted through most of college, at which point he realized that print design is not a super viable career path any more and succumbed once more to the toxic allure of the World Wide Web™.

Since then his voracious appetite for learning has led him through design, development, writing for a fashion blog, and culminated in running his own design and dev agency – build/create.

WordPress just so happens to combine all of that goodness into a beautiful, user-friendly package, and thus, here we are.

Ian Wilson will be presenting Introduction to WordPress Hooks and Learn From My Mistakes: 8 Years in the Game.


Why do you use WordPress?

Because it’s easy for our clients to use, and easy to develop for, AND has an amazing community! It’s just that simple.

When and how did you start using WordPress?

I started in 2006 – I was working in-house at a printing company and it was in Fantastico!

After some dabbling in other content management systems in PHP and Rails throughout the years it became clear that WordPress was the only solution that didn’t make me feel like I was losing my mind on a daily basis.

What tips or resources would you recommend to a new WordPress user?

The Codex. (Nearly) All truth lies within.

The WordPress community is big, vibrant, and awesome. Lean on it, leverage it, I don’t know a single person I’ve met that isn’t happy to help a newb find their path.

What advice would you give someone who’s building a business around WordPress design or development?

Start now, don’t wait. And equally important, keep track of the tactics you’re going to use to grow, and any changes you make to them so you can look back and see what you did that worked and what didn’t so you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

How do you stay informed about WordPress (news, tips, etc.)?

Twitter mostly, also WordCamps.

What’s a cool WordPress-based site you’ve seen recently?

I’ve been having a mad crush on Easy Digital Downloads lately. Technically it’s a plugin, not a site, but what you can do with it does build awesome sites 🙂

What do you like most about WordCamps?

It’s the best, seriously. You can make the most out of every second by talking to people, asking tons of questions, and of course attending the sessions that best address your weaknesses.

Once you do one, you won’t be able to stop. It becomes an addiction.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @buildcreate
Personal Twitter: @wilsonography

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